01/08/2017 12:00 AM

Government of Bangladesh has targeted efficient procurement as an important element of good governance. It is also a potential contributor to achieving development objectives. To this end the government has adopted a wide ranging reform program and the entire initiative is receiving highest attention.
The Government has entrusted the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) with the task of spearheading the Reform Program. The Government is receiving assistance from the World Bank in the initiative and completed the Public Procurement Reform Project (PPRP-I) and the based on the success of the project PPRP-II was launched.
The objectives of the government pertain to improved governance, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the use of public resources in procurement of Goods, Works and Services. Both the process and participation in public procurement has to be ensured to secure public confidence and contribute to reduction of corruption.
CPTU developed an integrated and comprehensive dynamic procurement website to ensure the widest possible exposure to Procurement Plans, actual Procurement Notices of over Tk.1 crore and Contract Awards with ease of use on one hand and convenient for the administrators on the other. This also contributed to be the starting point for data acquisition for monitoring.

Under the project an MIS was developed based on criteria set by the Development Partners that came to be known as the OECD Indicators. The Government adopted the criteria and Dohatec New Media implemented the same and it came to known as “PROMIS”. In developing this system input was provided by experts from the government, the international legal profession and the procurement specialists of the World Bank. The CPTU-IMED was first in envisioning and successfully implementing this system in the world and the same was recognized internationally. The Secretary IMED and CPTU was invited to make several presentations to an worldwide audience at the World Bank HQ, Washington DC, in December 2005. The PROMIS was recognized as a powerful and robust tool which was of interest to different government across the globe.

PROMIS overall Report Q4 (April,2017 - June, 2017)

PROMIS overall Report Q3 (January,2017 - March, 2017)

PROMIS overall Report Q2 (October,2016 - December, 2016)

PROMIS overall Report Q1 (July, 2016 - September, 2016)