Latest News

SI No. Title Description Publication Date
1 Draft SPP Policy for Workshop on 16 March 2023

Updated_SPP_Policy_Revised_Draft.docx   March   2023

Updated_SPP_Policy_Revised_Draft.pdf   March   2023

2 Procurement Act and Rules (PPA 2006 and PPR 2008) in implementation of Delegated Procurement

Delegated_Procurement_PPA-2006_PPR-2008.pdf   January   2023

3 Circular and Working Procedure for Conducting post-procurement review

Circular_and_Working_Procedure_for_Conducting_post-procurement_review .pdf   January   2023

Post_Procurement_Review_Working_procedure.docx   January   2023

4 In case of failure to implement the contract by ensuring the stipulated time and quality, action will be taken against the contractor as per rule 127 of PPR 2008.

PPR-2008_Rules_127_GCC.pdf    January   2023

5 List of Newly Selected National Procurement Trainers

List of Newly Selected National Procurement Trainers.pdf    January   2023

6 Draft Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Policy has been developed by CPTU. Stakeholders are requested to provide comments by 31 January 2023.

Draft SPP Policy_CPTU_09012023.docx   January   2023

Draft SPP Policy_CPTU_09012023.pdf   January   2023

Forwarding Letter (1).pdf   January   2023

7 e-Audit module in e-GP system

paripatra 1.PDF   January   2023

8 PROCESS FLOW DOCUMENT of e-Contract Management System (e-CMS) for Works Contract (OTM, National)

Circular Process Flow Document of e-CMS_21 November 2022 (1).pdf   December   2022

9 CPTU has added final version of SRFP PS7A (Procurement of Software and IT Enabled Services) in the Schedule I of PPR 2008. Procuring Entities (PE) can use it for procurement of Software and IT Enabled Services.

PS7A Dec 22_13122022.docx   December   2022

10 Circular of International Bidding_Tendering (ICB_ICT) for Goods with Process Document for e-GP

Circular_ Process Document for e-GP.pdf   October   2022