Procurement Management Training

Procurement Management Training

23/03/2017 12:00 AM

Improving Procurement Management Capacity   

The CPAR identified inadequate procurement expertise, project directors who had received little effective training and inadequate delegation of powers, all of which considerably slowed down project implementation.         

Key Objectives to Improve Procurement Management Capacity              

 To substantially enhance the capacity for procurement management through a structured education and training program addressed to the needs of the senior managers, working level staff, auditors and business community in order to build a profession of procurement specialists.

Under the procurement management capacity building focus will be given primarily on two areas:          

(a)          Institutionalizing comprehensive and regular training programs through selected public and private training institutions

(b)          Establishing monitoring and evaluation capacity to track procurement performances of the public sector entities.

Overall Programme for Improving Procurement Management Capacity     

Provide Procurement Training (Responsibility : ILO – ITC)                           

1.            Assess the procurement needs

2.            Develop course curriculum

3.            Select the trainees

4.            Identifying the national, international training institutions to provide training

5.            Select resources

6.            Deliver training courses including seminar / workshops 

Develop Public Procurement Database                

1.            Carry out survey of public procurement entities including staffing and their qualification

2.            Develop a procedure for obtaining relevant public procurement data for goods, works and consultants services from concerned entities

3.            Establish a database for public procurement entities

Project Management Training (Responsibility : IMED in collaboration with Academy for Planning and Development (APD) or institution)                 

Provide training separately on Project Management to about 600 participants of the government in order to develop management skills.          

Develop Management Information System (MIS)                          

1.            Review the existing monitoring system

2.            Develop a MIS on the basis of present system to monitor project and procurement implementation.

3.            Development of website and electronic bid processing system

4.            Introduction of MIS for procurement performance tracking

Develop a list of approved National Contractors                            

1.            Carry out a survey of national contractors including their available capacities

2.            Develop a list of qualified national contractors that will be published in the website        

Formation of a special pool of procurement specialist. Responsibility : ITC – ILO                            

1.            Develop criteria for selection of training of trainers, procurement professionals, govt. officials and public and private sector auditors and other relevant persons.

2.            Test the viability of introduction of curriculum in the education curriculum including university                    

Study Tour for the concerned officials of the Government dealing with the policy and implementation of procurement Responsibility : ITC–ILO                   

Procurement and Compliance Monitoring                         

Project will include a provision of technical assistance to establish and operational a fully computerized and real-time procurement database and management information system (MIS) at the CPTU             

Training Programme (Organized by ITC-ILO)     

The project includes extensive training provisions for developing in-country procurement management capacity. Approximately 1600 staff of the government and private sector will participate in the in-country procurement training in order to carry out efficiently the reformed procurement procedures and strategies in the public sectors.             

Training Strategy

Training of Trainers (TOT)

 About 40 national professionals will be developed as procurement trainers who will be the prospective member of the National Training Force. These members will be commissioned by the CPTU to provide need based public procurement training to the public sectors’ stakeholders during the project period as well as after the end of the project.

Participants of TOT

Professionals of Government / Private sectors who are experienced in / assigned for procurement management. Please, refer to the selection criteria above for more information. The participants must have the ‘no objection clearance’ from the concerned authority for the required engagement in the TOT program as well as for conducting the National Training.

Major Contents of TOT

 To develop a National Trainers Team with sound knowledge on

 (a)         Fundamental principles & institutional framework underlying procurement systems

(b)          Project Cycle & Related Documents

(c)           Procurement Policy & Guidelines

(d)          Procurement process & planning

(e)          Training need analysis

(f)           Curriculum and module design

(g)          Training technique

Program of TOT

The TOT program is grouped into three main courses i.e.

(a)          TOT – 1 : Training on Procurement Management Procedure (Dhaka)

(b)          TOT – 2 : Training on Curriculum Design (Dhaka)

(c)           TOT – 3 : Training Techniques and intensive refresher training (Turin, Italy)

Certification of the National Trainers

 The participants of TOT – 1 and TOT – 2 will be provided with the attendance certificate on basis of satisfactory participation in the programs.

The participants will then be evaluated to attend the TOT – 3 that will be held in ITC-ILO headquarter in Italy.

The participants at this stage will develop the training curriculum for the national training on (a) Procurement issues, (b) Auditors’ training, (c) Arbitrators’ training, (d) Private Stakeholders’ training courses.

The trainers will then conduct at least two national training workshops, each of three weeks duration, after completion of which the trainers will be awarded a Diploma Certificate.

 National Procurement Training

 The National Training Team will go on to train national procurement practitioners in the public sectors on the reformed procurement management procedure on the basis of national need. CPTU will commission the members of the National Training Team. The courses for this are due to be developed later this year.