Title : Citizen engagement in public procurement: Selection of members seen critical
Description :

Selection of citizen group members to engage them in monitoring of contract implementation is a critical and sensitive issue as sometimes some unnecessary meddling may hamper development activities.

Such views dominated a discussion in Bogura Citizen Engagement Forum (CEF) workshop held online on 9 January 2022. The BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) facilitated the workshop conducted by CPTU under DIMAPPP.

The Director General of CPTU and Additional Secretary Mr. Md. Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury presided over the workshop. Secretary, IME Division, Mr. Abu Hena Morshed Zaman, spoke as the chief guest while DC of Bogura Mr Md. Ziaul Haque spoke as the special guest. Mr. Md Aziz Taher Khan, Director, CPTU delivered the address of welcome. Ms. Salina Aziz of BIGD made the main presentation on the overall scenario of the ongoing citizen engagement activities in 48 upazillas.

Both the chief guest and the special guest laid emphasis on the selection of members of the group. Some contractors also echoed their voice, saying that they need to work beyond their own area and there some persons create disturbances.

Executive Engineer of Bogura Water Development Board said the DC can make the selection. Engineer of EED said selection is important.

The DG CPTU said that CPTU had been very careful about selection of the members of the citizen group. However, if there was any lapse he would look into it.

The DC said an indicator of good governance is public procurement. Citizen engagement in this area may bring good results. But he cautioned about selection criterion.

Some members of CE groups highlighted their efforts in improving quality of works through monitoring of contracts.

Some public representatives at Upazilla level supported the idea of citizen engagement and said this would improve quality of works if monitoring is done properly.

The DG CPTU said the local citizens are given orientation and responsibility up to which they are capable of performing, not beyond that.

Currently, 254 citizen monitoring groups are working across the country. These groups are associated with 2517 citizens. Citizen monitoring groups consist of leaders, freedom fighters, teachers, retirees, students, social workers, farmers, businessmen etc. Women make up one-third of these groups.

The Secretary narrated how rapidly the sizes of national budget, ADP and procurement have grown. He made some suggestions for the betterment of CE activities.

  • To make the signboard more attractive and informative.
  • To give incentive to the best group or engineer in CE efforts.
  • DCs to look after CE beyond 48 upazillas in their customized way.
  • They can also take care of the ongoing CE sites.
  • To send somebody from DC office to BIGD orientation for citizens.
  • To be careful who are selected as CE group members.
  • To show a video clip on monitoring of contracts through a unified model.
  • To show it in school, college and growth centres in villages to sensitize citizens about CE.
  • Public representatives should be involved in the process.  


Publication Date : 16/01/2022