Invitation for Tender (Single Lot)    Status:Corrigendum


Ministry/Division : : Ministry of Shipping
Agency : : Chittagong Port Authority
Procuring Entity Name : : Executive Engineer_Jetty
Procuring Entity Code : :
Procuring Entity District : : Chittagong
Invitation For : Works
Invitation Reference No : 18.04.0000.326.07.18.18
Date : 13/05/2018


Procurement Method : NCT Open Tendering Method


Budget and Source of Funds : : Own Funds Own Funds
Development Partner :


Project/Programme Code :
Project/Programme Name :
Tender Package No : 01
Tender Package Name : Replacement of Fendering System with Rubber Fender at Jetty-9 of GCB
Tender Publication Date : 16/05/2018
Tender Last Selling Date : 18/06/2018
Tender Closing Date and Time : 26/06/2018 12:00 PM
Tender Opening Date and Time : 26/06/2018 12:00 PM
Office Address Information
Selling Tender Document (Principal) e-GP Portal, Tender ID 194766
Receiving Tender Document e-GP Portal, Tender ID 194766
Opening Tender Document e-GP Portal, Tender ID 194766
Selling Tender Document (Others)
Place/Date/Time of Tender Meeting (Optional) : Place :    Date:    Time: 11:45 AM


Eligibility of Tenderer : : All enlisted Contractors of e-GP Portal who have: a. The mimimum period of general experience of the tenderer shall be 03 (threefive) years b. The tenderer shall have specific experience in the Supply of Fenders for minimum 03 (three) years. But the experience will not be required for the bidder, for whom the Fender manufacturer declares them as authorized agents or that if the bidder is or will be awarded the contract they will give all the technical supports along with supply of necessary expatriate personnel and materials to the bidder. In this case, the tenderer shall enclose a gurantee letter for compliance of the same along with manufacturer's declaration letter. c. Minimum average annual construction turnover in the last 03 years preceding the date of submission of tender shall be: greater than Tk.1300.00 lacs d. The minimum amount of liquid assets or working capital or credit facilities of the tenderer shall be: Tk.120.00 lacs e. Upto date Income Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate, Bank Solvency Certificate, List of works in hand with their contract values, 1st class Enlistment Certificate from Govt./Semi-Govt. or Autonomous Organization & Trade Licence. f. In addition to these the contractor has to comply by the required experience/documents stated in TDS, PCC and Tender Forms. g. Personnel Capabilities : i) Graduate Engineer (Civil)-1 Person. (Minimum 5 years’ experience in similar works) ii) Work Supervisor-4 Persons. (Minimum 3 years practical experience in similar works) h. Equipment Capabilities: The tenderer shall own or have assured access through lease, hire or other such method, the required number of essential equipments in full working order. i) Crane-02 Nos ii) Barge – 02 Nos. iii) other necessary tools/equipments/welding machine etc. required for the work.
Brief Description of Goods or Works : : Rubber Fender Supply, Fitting & Fixing, Welding, Making of Holes, Fabrication of Girders etc.
Brief Description of Related Services : :
Tender Document Price : : 4000
Tender Lot Information
Lot No Identification Location Security Amount Completion Time in Weeks/Months


Name of Official Inviting Tender : : Executive Engineer_Jetty
Designation of Official Inviting Tender : : Executive Engineer_Jetty
Address of Official Inviting Tender : : Room No-218, PAB (ANEX Building) Bandar Bhaban, Chittagong Port Authority, Bandar, Chittagong
Contact Details of Official Inviting Tender : : Phone: 031-2512556 , Fax: , Email:

Advertisement Corrigendum(s)

Date Of Corrigendum



Tender Last Selling Date : 02/07/2018
Tender Closing Date : 03/07/2018
Tender Closing Time : 12:00 PM
Tender Opening Date : 03/07/2018
Tender Opening Time : 12:00 PM
Status : Active

Date Of Corrigendum



Tender Last Selling Date : 05/07/2018
Tender Closing Date : 08/07/2018
Tender Closing Time : 12:00 PM
Tender Opening Date : 08/07/2018
Tender Opening Time : 12:00 PM
Eligibility : As Original
Goods Or Works Description : As Original
Works Completion Date : As Original
Tender Document Price : As Original
Status : Active
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders