Invitation for Request for Expressions of Interest    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges
Agency : Roads & Highways Department (RHD)
Procuring Entity Name : Project Director, Support to Improvement of the Hatirjheel-Rampura Bridge-Bonoshree-Sheikherjaiga-Amulia-Demra Highway (with link to Tarabo and Chittagong road) into 4-lanes through PPP
Procuring Entity Code :
Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Expression of Interest for Selection of : Consulting Firm (International)  (Time-Based)
Title Of Service : Project Implementation Consultancy Service for Support to Improvement of Hatirjheel (Rampura Bridge)-Shekherjaiga-Amulia-Demra Road (With Link to Tarabo and Chittagong Road) Highway into 4-Lanes through PPP.
EOI Ref. No. : 35.01.2666.
Date : 08/08/2021


Procurement Sub-Method : Quality and Cost Based Selection(QCBS)


Budget and Source of Funds : Development Budget GOB
Development Partners :


Project/Programme Name : Support to Improvement of the Hatirjheel-Rampura Bridge-Bonoshree-Sheikherjaiga-Amulia-Demra Highway (with link to Tarabo and Chittagong road) into 4-lanes through PPP.
EOI Closing Date and Time : 19/09/2021 15:00 BST
Publication Date : 10/08/2021


Brief Description of Assignment : Roads and Highways Department (RHD) Plans to develop the existing Hatirjheel-Rampura Bridge-Bonoshree-Sheikherjaiga-Amulia-Demra Highway (with link to Tarabo and Chittagong road) into 4-lane highway through Public Private Partnership (PPP) project. RHD has responsibilities to supervise and monitor the project activities and carry out several other activities, such as review and approval of drawing and design, review reports and other documents submitted by the Project Company and/or the Independent Engineer and prepare reports for Ministries/Divisions/PPP Authority. RHD seeks the support of a qualified consultant (i.e. firm with specific experience and qualifications) in order to assist RHD in managing the PPP Contract and other project related activity.
Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : Experience: The consulting firm(s) should have the following experience(s) (completed project) within last 8 years in: (i) Construction and supervision of 4-lane highway/Expressway Project (following FIDIC contract or similar); (ii) Design of bridges /flyovers with minimum length of 500m or above; (iii) Experience of managing PPP project(s). Delivery Capacity: The firm shall provide the information of assignments in hand with starting period, end date as per contract, expected end period, work completion percentage at the time of EOI submission, and value of the work. The information shall be provided in tabular form.
Other Details (if applicable) : The consulting firms shall follow the below guidance in preparation of its EOI and the requirements of various document to be attached with the EOI. a) A brief profile of the firm which should not be more than 5 pages. b) Constitutional document(s) of the firm in accordance with the legal requirements of the domicile of the firm (for example: certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, bylaws, etc.). c) Statutory documents such as trade license or license from local authority, tax registration, VAT registration document or similar documents, d) In case of joint venture, the JV agreement or letter of intent to form JV shall be submitted. The relevant document should contain at least the name of the JV, the address of the JV, the authorized person of the JV. e) Audited financial statements of last 3 (three) years which are basically balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements including auditor’s report. f) In case of experience, the firms should provide information in the form of contract data sheet (or project data sheet) as depicted in Form 5A2-B of the standard RFP published by CPTU in its website (; sl. no. 12; code: PS12). The number of contract data sheet should not be more than 10 in the last 8 years (whether the EOI is submitted by a firm alone or a JV). The contract data sheet form should contain the information such as – assignment name, start date, end date, country, employer name and address, value of the assignment and staff month used. g) In case of resources, the relevant personnel information shall be in tabular form containing salient information; such as – name, age, highest educational qualification including year of achievement, total professional experience, specific experience (for example, as Traffic Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Bridge Engineer, etc.) and time with the firm. The list should not have information more than 20 key personnel of the firm relevant to the assignment. h) The EOI must contain clearly full address of the firm and each member of the JV including email and telephone number. i) The firm wishes to attach any document with the EOI which may be in another language shall be translated in the English language and the translation will prevail in the interpretation. j) The EOI shall be prepared in the English language. k) The EOI shall consist of one (1) original, two (2) copies, and one (1) soft copy in PDF format in USB; all together in a sealed envelope. l) The EOI shall be addressed and submitted to the address of the Official inviting EOI as stated in Sl. No. 22~25 before the EOI Closing Date and Time. m) The consultant selection process shall follow the Public Procurement Rules, 2008 of Bangladesh. n) Interested applicants may obtain further information by applying to the undersigned by e mail during regular office hours. The client will not responsible for any cost/expenses incurred in connection with preparation /delivery of the EOI.
Association with foreign firms is : Encouraged
Eoi Detail Information
Ref No Phasing Of Services Location Start Date Completion Date
35.01.2666. No Project site (Dhaka & Narayanganj District) January 2022 4 years from the start date


Name of Official Inviting EOI : Noor-E-Alam
Designation of Official Inviting EOI : Project Director (SE), RHD, Support to Improvement of the Hatirjheel-Rampura Bridge-Bonoshree- Sheikherjaiga-Amulia-Demra Highway (with link to Taraboand Chittagong road) into 4-lanes through PPP.
Address of Official Inviting EOI : Room # 09, Part-02, Level-02, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka.
Contact details of Official Inviting EOI : Phone : 01313092142, Fax : , Email :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders