Invitation for Request for Expressions of Interest    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : Ministry of Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology
Agency : Post & Telecommunications Division
Procuring Entity Name : Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited
Procuring Entity Code :
Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Expression of Interest for Selection of : Consulting Firm (National)  (Time-Based)
Title Of Service : Sales and marketing of the services of Bangabandhu Satellite – 1 to the regional, national and international market
EOI Ref. No. : BCSCL/ MD/Marketing/2017-143
Date : 03/01/2018


Procurement Sub-Method : Community Service Organisation Selection (CSOS)


Budget and Source of Funds : Non_Development GOB
Development Partners : N/A


Project/Programme Name :
EOI Closing Date and Time : 14/02/2018 05.00 PM


Brief Description of Assignment : Brief Description of the Assignment : Work Package: 1 TITLE: Policy formulation for marketing operation and sales of satellite capacity and services. OBJECTIVES: 1. Develop policy framework pertaining to marketing operation and services. 2. Develop recommendations for policy pertaining to: • BS-1 Satellite Access • Foreign Satellite Access • Landing rights for local and foreign countries • VSAT Hub and Teleport use policies • Usage of RF Spectrum TASKS: • Review existing policies and established markets regarding satellite access including: government structures, user terminal licensing including transmit/receive, transmit only and receive only stations for the local and international market. • Develop procedures and policies for domestic and foreign satellite services including the policies governing landing rights in local and foreign countries. • Develop policies for VSAT Hub and teleport usage. DELIVERABLES: • Submit all the reports and output of the Tasks mentioned above. Work Package: 2 TITLE: Development of Business Strategies OBJECTIVES: Strategic positioning of the service offerings, develop materials to support the sales of services, marketing communications. TASKS INCLUDED: • Research competition pricing, terms and conditions. • Review market penetration and sales statistics for competitive assessment. • Establish pricing recommendations and recommended Terms & Conditions. • Recommend market focus and strategy by geography, service type, distribution channels. • Develop the documentation infrastructure necessary to sell and provide services. This includes a legal documentation such as NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement), LOIs (Letter of Intent), service level and transponder level agreements. DELIVERABLES: 1. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis 2. Product Handbook, Service Handbook 3. Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 4. Marketing Materials 5. Sales and Marketing Brochures, Sales Proposal Template 6. Capacity Requirements / Allocation Assumptions Per Service Type 7. Business Models / Revenue Targets 8. Product Integration. Work Package 3: TITLE: Sale of capacity OBJECTIVES: Sale of capacity to maximize return on investment. TASK INCLUDED: Identify the potential customers in both local and international market. Negotiation and finalize the pricing in consultation with BCSCL. Arrange necessary permit, permission, license, approval and any other requirements for selling satellite capacity and services. DELIVERABLES: 1. Sale of Satellite capacity and services 2. Pricing and targeted marketing strategy. 3. Standard Letter of Intent (LOI) 4. Transponder Service Agreement 5. Service Level Agreement 6. Permit, Permission, License, approval and other necessary requirements.
Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : 1. Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience on the matters as mentioned in ToR. 2. Company Asset: Provide the last audited balance sheet of the company as enclosure. 3. Professional Manpower: Sufficient professionals to implement the proposed ToR satisfactorily. 4. Ability to provide services: Achieved a yearly sales volume of minimum 50 Million USD or equivalent in marketing activities in the related field. 5. Preferably experienced in marketing satellite bandwidth in the countries under the coverage area of Bangabandhu Satellite – 1.
Other Details (if applicable) : Other Details (The services of the agent shall include, but not limited to) : • Identify the requirements of potential users in both local and global markets. • Develop business strategy including developing new business models, products and services mix, pricing etc. for Bangladesh and other target countries. • Sale of transponders capacity and services to the local market of Bangladesh and International markets of countries under the coverage of the satellite such as SAARC member countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, STAN countries. • Achieve a yearly sales turnover of minimum 45 Million USD or equivalent.
Association with foreign firms is : Encouraged
Eoi Detail Information
Ref No Phasing Of Services Location Start Date Completion Date
1. Sales and marketing of the services of Bangabandhu Satellite – 1 to the regional, national and international market Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, N/A N/A


Name of Official Inviting EOI : Md. Saiful Islam
Designation of Official Inviting EOI : Managing Director (Additional Secretary)
Address of Official Inviting EOI : Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology,
Contact details of Official Inviting EOI : Phone : 88-02-9511113, , Fax : , Email :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders