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Procurement of Opthalmic Equipment (Group-3)
26-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 11-Sep-2017]
Supply of Diet items for Mymensingh Medical College Hospital
26-Jul-2017 Mymensingh [Closing: 31-Jul-2017]
Electrical Line Distribution Materials
24-Jul-2017 Narayanganj [Closing: 21-Aug-2017]
Procurement of 50,000 MT (+5%) Milling Wheat
24-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 06-Aug-2017]
(a) Medicine (General) b) Surgical Instruments c) Lilen d) Gauge bandage & Cotton etc. e) Chemical re-agent f)Furniture and kitchen articles g) MSR equipment’s maintenance & repair .
23-Jul-2017 Satkhira [Closing: 06-Aug-2017]
Procurement of Goods
23-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 17-Aug-2017]
Supplying of Line Pipe, Wrapping Materials, Valves, Fittings etc.
20-Jul-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 07-Aug-2017]
Procurement of Vehicles (4WD Jeep and 4WD double cabin carry boy pickup)
20-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 07-Aug-2017]
Purchase of Computer Spare Parts & Related Accessories.
20-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 31-Jul-2017]
Transportation of 50,000 MT +/-10% Granular Urea in bag from Mesaieed, Qatar to Harbaria,Mongla Port, Bangladesh.
20-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 31-Jul-2017]
Construction of 1 x 100 Metre Firing Range incl ancillary works for Establishment of 99 Composite Brigade for safety and security of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project at Janzira, Shariatpur.
19-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 21-Aug-2017]
Supply & Installation of complete Aerocondenser unit with steel structure for platform and Thermal Expansion Joints
19-Jul-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 18-Sep-2017]
i) Diet Package-1 (Rice/Pulses), Package-2 (Vagetable/Fish-Meat), Package-3 (egg/bread), ( ii) Stationary, iii) OCC, iv) Cleaning & Washing Package-1 (Except OT), Package-2 ( Only OT), v) Manpower Outsourcing
19-Jul-2017 Dinajpur [Closing: 22-Aug-2017]
Supply of Motorcycle, Scooter, Helmet and Raincoat with Registration and Insurance.
19-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 09-Aug-2017]
Lot-1 (Generator)
18-Jul-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 17-Aug-2017]
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