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Package : 1- Purchase of Stationary Items. Package : 2- Purchase of Utility Items. Package : 3- Purchase of Electric Items & Sanitary Items Package : 4- Purchase of Computer’s Items (Toner, CD, DVD, etc). Package : 5- Purchase of Computer Spare Parts & Related Accessories. Package : 6- Photocopier Machine & Duplicating Machine Spare parts & Servicing. Package : 7- CCTV System, Intercom, Fax Machine, Auto Sliding Door, Access Control Spare parts & Servicing. Package : 8- BMS Repair Spare parts &
25-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 19-Jun-2017]
IT - Hardware
25-May-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 21-Jun-2017]
TSP/LP/RT/WPP Bag/0416-17/1425
25-May-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 07-Jun-2017]
Manpower supply (Out Sourcing)
25-May-2017 Sylhet [Closing: 20-Jun-2017]
Procurement of I&C Spares for AUMA Motor Operated Actuators of Haripur 412 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, EGCB Ltd., Narayanganj, Bangladesh
24-May-2017 Narayanganj [Closing: 22-Jun-2017]
Invitation for Procurement of Medical Equipment.
24-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 31-May-2017]
(i) Supplying of Motor Vehicle parts. (ii) Rent of Motor vehicle. (iii) Supplying of Departmental Store goods. (iv) Combat Uniform Sewing (5) Supplying of Medicine.
24-May-2017 Sylhet [Closing: 31-May-2017]
(i) Supplying of Edible Oil. (ii) Supplying of Lentil.
24-May-2017 Sylhet [Closing: 08-Jun-2017]
Engine Overhauling, Machine Work/Lathe
24-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 05-Jun-2017]
Milk Silo for DDP
23-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 12-Jul-2017]
Procurement of 05 (Five) Categories Register, Card & Form.
23-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 30-May-2017]
(1) Double Cabin Pickup- 12 nos, (2) Truck (5 ton)- 02 nos, (3) Truck (6-10 ton)-02 nos.
23-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 13-Jun-2017]
Supply of Numerical Weather Forecasting Systems with Associated Equipments.
22-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 12-Jul-2017]
Electrical Line Construction Materials
22-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 19-Jun-2017]
Electrical Line Construction Materials
22-May-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 15-Jun-2017]
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