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Laboratory, Packaging, Warehouse and Ancillary Equipment
28-Mar-2017 Gopalganj [Closing: 03-May-2017]
Laboratory, Packaging, Warehouse and Ancillary Equipment
27-Mar-2017 Gopalganj [Closing: 07-May-2017]
Construction of 20 Storied Jamuna Office Building (Jamuna Bhaban) at Kawran Bazar, Dhaka (2nd Phase) - Civil Works, Water Supply & Sanitary Works, Electrification Works & ancillary works of Basement, VRF/Air Conditioning System and others as detailed in the Tender Documents & Bill of Quantities(BOQ).
27-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 24-Apr-2017]
Printing (With Paper), Binding & Supplying of Secondary Bangla and English Version, Ebtedaye, Dakhil, SSC & Dakhil Vocational And Technical (Trade Books) Level Textbooks to be distributed free of cost for the academic year 2018.
27-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 20-Apr-2017]
Procurement of RAB Prison Inmate System and RAB AFIS Capability Expansion
27-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 03-May-2017]
Equipment & Others Instrument (6813)
27-Mar-2017 Rangpur [Closing: 20-Apr-2017]
Supply, Installation, Testing, Confirming of operation and Implementation of Lot No-01=01 Unit Bi-Color Sheet-Fed offset Printing Machine with fully Automatic perfecting system, Lot No-02=01 Unit Automatic Book Binding Machine & Lot No-03=01 Unit Paper Cutting Machine.
23-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 16-Apr-2017]
Procurement of Furniture for new office Building & Data Centers
23-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 06-Apr-2017]
Procurement of Medical Equipments
23-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 08-May-2017]
Fresh Ration Goods for 2017-2018 Financial Year.
23-Mar-2017 Mymensingh [Closing: 10-Apr-2017]
Medicine(Local) Surgical Goods Chemical Reagents, X-ray films etc. Steel furniture
23-Mar-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 09-Apr-2017]
Equipment & others Instrument (6813)
23-Mar-2017 Rangpur [Closing: 13-Apr-2017]
Supply of Out Sourcing Tapping labour .
22-Mar-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 12-Apr-2017]
Medical Equipments
22-Mar-2017 Dhaka [Closing: 11-Apr-2017]
Procurement of total 5,000 Metric Tons Lubricating Base Oil in 3 (Three) grades (+/-10% at Buyer’s option)
22-Mar-2017 Chittagong [Closing: 25-Apr-2017]
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